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  On This Day in 1913
1913 Grand Convention
The 22nd Grand Convention, convenes in Minnewaska, New York. Many delegates and visitors traveled to New York by a special train scheduled for the event.

  On This Day in 1998
1998 Grand Convention
The 63rd Grand Convention convenes in Dallas, Texas.

  On This Day in 1962
1962 Grand Convention
The 45th Grand Convention convenes at Wentworth-by-the-Sea, New Hampshire.

  On This Day in 1946
1946 Grand Convention
The 37th Grand Convention convenes in Pasadena, California.

  On This Day in 1922
1922 Grand Convention
The 26th Grand Convention convenes in Lake Placid, New York.

  On This Day in 1899
Edith Williams, Pioneer Veterinarian
Edith Williams, Sigma/Toronto, born.

Williams graduates in 1941 from the Ontario (Canada) Veterinary College - only the second woman in Canada and the fifth in North America to receive a veterinary degree.

  On This Day in 1893
Suzanne LaFollette, Author
Suzanne LaFollette, Alpha Sigma/Washington State, born.

As a libertarian feminist, author, and highly regarded editor, LaFollette’s contributions to national publications (The Nation, The Freeman, and The National Review) are significant.
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