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 "After dinner on Thursday, Feb. 22 … if you have smelling salts, please produce them now … We held our first and second sessions in the Phi Gamma Delta rooms and the third in the Sigma Chi rooms !! Think of the generosity of the Greencastle boys and the glorious freedom of western ideas! I thought of the possibility of our Cornell boys tendering us the use of their rooms and smiled. At the rooms were met by a half dozen boys, one of whom made us welcome in a very neat speech, in which he told us they felt very much honored by our acceptance of their hospitality! The gentlemen then retired … the convention opened in earnest with singing and prayer, after which we listened to an address of welcome from one of the Greencastle girls." Extracts from Jessie Boulton’s letter (Iota/Cornell), 1883.
"On this bright beautiful May morning, when all were bright and happy in meeting sisters who we love with a love that needeth no encouragement but is spontaneous – we, the representatives of three of the flourishing chapters of Kappa Alpha Theta, met in mass convention, for the purpose of increasing the interest and the welfare of the Kappa Alpha Theta society." Flora Tingley, Secretary, 1875

1872 - 1st Convention

Bloomington, Indiana

1875 - 2nd Convention

Indianapolis, Indiana

1876 - 3rd Convention

Greencastle, Indiana

1879 - 4th Convention

Bloomington, Indiana 

1881 - 5th convention

Wooster, Ohio

1883 - 6th Convention

Greencastle, Indiana

1885 - 7th Convention

Ann Arbor, Michigan

1886 - 8th Convention

Wooster, Ohio

1887 - 9th Convention

Hanover, Indiana

1889 - 10th Convention

Bloomington, Indiana

1891 - 11th Convention

Burlington, Vermont 

1893 - 12th Convention

Chicago, Illinois

1895 - 13th Convention

Syracuse, New York

1897 - 14th Convention

Madison, Wisconsin

1899 - 15th Convention

Indianapolis, Indiana