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"When she looked around the long table and saw all the dear Thetas, love and enthusiasm filled her heart: and when she heard those splendid toasts, a reverence was awakened for our ideals and for the womanly women who represent them, which she wishes might be shared with all Thetas far and near."  Alpha Gamma/Ohio State delegate, 1905 (Magazine, November 1905 p. 12)

"Eighty-one Thetas were aboard the special when it left Chicago. That special train started out as a train of one baggage car, one diner, five sleepers, one observation car; it added two more sleepers before entering California. One-hundred-thirty-three Thetas were aboard when the train left Palo Alto for the last night’s ride together."  1911 (Magazine, November 1911, p. 41)


"Bandages being rolled in the lobby – knitting needles clicking to produce sober looking garments four our “boys” – appropriations being made for the Red Cross – and our lone Canadian sister, sad-eyed, yet brave, telling us of the still greater hardships of our sisters over the border."   1917 (Magazine, November 1922, p. 14)

Convention Charm - Philadelphia, 1905
"What is the most valuable one thing Convention adds to Theta experiences? The 'National visition'! Convention by its very existence, in its very nature, takes away the local notion, and substitutes a very real national existence. The Grand council, the round table exchange of ideas, and the mere presence of girls from so many sections, all interested in, and working for, the same ideals – our Kappa Alpha Theta; all these mean a wider national vision.” 1919 (Magazine, November 1919, p. 43)

1901 - 16th Convention

New York, New York
  • District presidents begin visits to chapters.

1903 - 17th Convention

Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • First meeting of National Panhellenic Conference reported.

1905 - 18th Convention

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Los Angeles alumnae introduce Scholarship Fund.

1907 - 19th Convention

Chicago, Illinois
  • Standard design for coat of arms, seal, flag, and pledge pins adopted.

1909 - 20th Convention

Chicago, Illinois
  • Joined Sigma Chi Fraternity for social activities at convention.
1911 - 21st Convention
Pasadena, California
  • First special train, first singing of Processional.

1913 - 22nd Convention

Minnewaska, New York
  • Toast to Founders first used.

1915 - 23rd Convention

Gearhart-by-the-Sea, Oregon
  • National Chain established.

1917 - 24th Convention

Charlevoix, Michigan
  • Agreed to establish a fund that would equip nurses of a base hospital.

1919 - 25th Convention

St. Louis, Missouri
  • Golden Jubilee, Hannah Fitch Shaw present.