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"Soon it was dinner time and we went to the dining room and I wish you could have seen that group of women. About five hundred in number laughing and chattering. Most of them were young but scattered among the bobbed, marcelled heads of the younger generation were the snow white heads of women who before us worked and strove to make Kappa Alpha Theta what it is today."  1924


 “With simple well chosen words such as these Mrs. Clark lifts us above pettiness and brings the convention membership to a state of mind to accept the challenge of the Grand President’s message that we shall justify the investment made by the fraternity in us as delegates, who shall return to accept this responsibility of raising to higher standards our campus and community lives.” The Kite Flys over the Border: Being the record of the San Francisco Delegate to Toronto, Carol Green Wilson, 1930.


"From the time we first took those hard chairs with which we were to become so familiar to the last 'Goodbye Beta, see you in two years,' Convention seemed more than measured up to all our expectations. It was amazing the number of girls we learned to know in those ten-minute coke intervals. .. And remember those names we wrote in our pledge books? – Mrs. Sinclair, Mrs. Boyce, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Higbie and Miss Green? They aren’t names any more; they’re the realest and the swellest Thetas you could ever hope to meet – just as we’d always pictured our Grand council officers.” Elaine Ax, Beta/Indiana, 1942


"How to tell a Theta who went to the 1938 convention: she will be wearing a blue and white bandanna, sun goggles with white rims, and a Hawaiian lei; she will be delightfully perfumed and will carry a small make-up bag of black moiré and a white crested ash-tray; she will also be carrying several books, quantities of pamphlets, cigarettes, crackers, gum, toothpaste, power, shells, and postcards, and will have dropped them and picked them all the way from New Jersey to New Mexico, and points north, south, east, and west. She will wear a beaming smile and will have learned at least fourteen songs of Theta, as well as college songs and songs of long ago, with a full cargo of modern swing mixed in. Her hair will be out of curl, her clothes will be full of sand and she won’t care a bit." 1938

1922 - 26th Convention
Lake Placid, New York
  • Bettie Locke Hamilton Social Service Fellowship established.

1924 - 27th Convention

West Baden, Indiana
  • Colonization approved as means of extension.
1926 - 28th Convention
San Francisco, California
  • Sessions became classes in Fraternity education.
1928 - 29th Convention
Pequot, Minnesota
  • Scholarship Fund becomes the Loan & Fellowship Fund.
1930 - 30th Convention
Toronto, Canada
  • First convention to be held out of the United States.
1932 - 32nd Convention
Estes Park, Colorado
  • Lawrence Welk and his orchestra of five performed during the convention.
1934 33rd Convention
Asheville, North Carolina
  • Approved statement of standards for the Fraternity.
1936 - 34th Convention
Glacier National Park, Montana
  • Co-organizers approved an administrative reorganization.
1938 - 35th Convention
Spring Lake Beach, New Jersey
  • Theme: Achievement – Adventure of Building of Kappa Alpha Theta
1940 - 35th Convention
Mackinac Island, Michigan
  • Finance Committee appointed for the Fraternity.

1942 - 36th Convention

Chicago, Illinois
  • All social activities were cancelled for the convention due to the war.
1944 - 
Cancelled due to World War II