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"The most popular spot on the train, the Dome car, was the place for snapping pictures or socializing. Every trip has a camera bug, so we played the role of typical tourists. Sue Laffan, Gamma Mu, took motion pictures and kept the aisle hot running for every 'sharp shot.' As the train sped through the desert a few in the group remarked that there was just nothing to see but barren land. Sue grabbed her movie camera and took a picture of – nothing! As Sue said, 'I want a picture of everything on this fabulous trip and seeing “nothing” is part of it.'" The Kite, June 17, 1960
“It is wonderful, that sort of life we get here – what it does to the heart and soul of a Theta – isn’t it? I marvel at the beautiful, efficient way these five days cram-full of festivities and seminars have been planned by Grand Council, and administrated by these tireless San Diego Thetas. I am constantly amazed at all this, and I am 'learning' from it.”
Sue Moody White, Kappa/Kansas,
The Kite, 1960

Banff Springs, Canada
46th Convention, 1964

“One who registered in on time – and – before – is Susan Akright, delegate from Alpha Omicron (Oklahoma). Susan arrived several days early just so she could see the Canadian Rockies. Apparently someone had told her that most of Convention time is spent in the hotel’s meeting rooms.” The Kite, 1964

"Twas fun for the inquiring reporter to be standing in the lobby when Marjorie Beacom Broderick, Philadelphia Chapter President from Upsilon (Minnesota), and Monie Eyler Buchter, ADP President, District IV, also Upsilon, met for the first time in 20 years. Convention is a great time for Remember Whens.”
The Kite, 1966

Convention Charm,

Mackinac Island, Michigan
48th Convention, 1968

Video submitted by
Sue Laffan Thompson,
Gamma Mu/Maryland, 1960

“For some time Gamma Nu has earmarked a portion of its budget for Convention expenses. When Sonja [Nelson] received her check from national to attend the Wentworth meeting, many of her friends said they’d like to come, too... They figured if they took Sonja’s expense check and added it to the chapter’s convention money, six instead of one could come if they followed a rigid economy plan. This meant watching every penny, even sleeping in tents and sleeping bags. The irony of this was none of the group had camped before… they felt compelled to call their auto “Camel” and they duly painted the letters on the side… they spent a week travelling 3,000 miles to Portsmouth… they bought rolls and fruit each morning to eat in the car. On occasions they prepared an 'egg-and-bacon' breakfast to insure they had one good meal that day – in case they didn’t get around to another.” The Kite, 1962

Banff Springs, Canada
46th Convention, 1964

From The Kite
Grand Bahamas
47th Convention, 1966

Grand Bahamas,
47th Convention, 1966

"The Grand President [Virginia Speidel Edwards] visualizes young women wearing the badge of Kappa Alpha Theta along with those who wear the badge of other fraternities providing a never-ending stream of responsible young women across the paths of the college campuses, the young women who will be the leaders of tomorrow.” The Kite, 1968

1960 - 44th Convention
San Diego, California
  • Per capita increases to $15.
1962 - 45th Convention
Wentworth-by-the-Sea, New Hampshire
  • Funds are transferred to the newly formed Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation.
1964 - 46th Convention
Banff Springs, Canada
  • Theme: From Ideals to Actions in Fraternity
1966 - 47th Convention
Grand Bahamas
  • Preamble wording changed from "students" to "women."
1968 - 48th Convention
Mackinac Island, Michigan
  • Fraternity awarded Martin F. Palmer Humanitarian Award for its support of the Institute of Logopedics (Heartspring).