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Members occasionally ask the Fraternity what should be done with badges in situations in which the member is the last Theta in their family. After a member's death, family members or friends may not know what to do with her badge.

The Fraternity suggests the following should be done with a badge:

  • It may be buried with the member;
  • It may be passed along to a family member or friend who is a Theta;
  • It may be returned to Fraternity headquarters. Badges should not be directly returned to the member’s college chapter. Once returned to the Fraternity, the archives staff will determine if the badge should remain with the archives collection or passed on to the college chapter.

To help members bequeath badges appropriately, members can place the Badge Disposition Form (on the right) with badges (and other Kappa Alpha Theta items!) to ensure they find a good home in the future. 

The Fraternity will consider special requests expressed by those returning badges. The most common consideration is donating the badge to the member’s chapter for use as a chapter officer's badge or special award badge (e.g. a scholarship badge,) or to be given to a member who cannot afford a badge. For many years now, new members receive a badge at the time of initiation, and there may already be a badge designated for the officer or award requested. Theta archives staff will contact the chapter to determine the best placement of the badge.

If you have questions, please contact us at archives@kappaalphatheta.org.