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Bettie Tipton Lindsey

Born in Mt. Sterling, Ky., on November 6, 1852, Bettie Tipton attended local schools and was known for her aptitude in mathematics and science. Her maternal grandfather moved to Greencastle, Ind., soon after her birth. During a visit, she became aware of Indiana Asbury College (later known at DePauw University). Her schoolwork was complete enough that it allowed her to start in in the fall of 1869 as a sophomore, when she became friends with Bettie Locke and Alice Allen.

Bettie did not return to Indiana Asbury in the fall of 1870, and instead attended Millersburg College in Kentucky, along with her sister, graduating in 1871. She established a short-lived chapter at Millersburg, and wore her Theta badge at the graduation ceremonies. She was married in 1873 to John Lindsey, first residing in Mt. Sterling, and then in 1883, moving to Sturgeon, Mo.

In Sturgeon, she became active in church groups and in the community. One story says that a friend of Bettie’s stepped on a loose board on the town sidewalk and injured herself. Bettie reportedly encouraged her friend to sue the city, and then took up the case in her friend’s name, pled the case, and won.

Bettie passed away in 1909, and is buried in Mt. Sterling, Ky.

Scroll down for a video from one of Bettie Tipton's descendants and a timeline of her life.

Susanne Bush Heusner, Bettie Tipton Lindsey Descendant

“Bettie would be so proud that Theta has blossomed,” Susanne Bush Heusner, Gamma Pi/Iowa State, reflects on her own Theta experience and on her great-aunt, Bettie Tipton Lindsey.

Bettie Tipton Lindsey Timeline

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