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(Such as Gamma or Ohio)
Chapter School State
Alpha DePauw University Indiana
Beta Indiana University Indiana
Gamma Butler University Indiana
Indiana Gamma Moores Hill (D) Indiana
Delta Univ. of Illinois Illinois
Delta 1 Illinois Wesleyan (D) Illinois
Epsilon College of Wooster (D) Ohio
Zeta Ohio University (D) Ohio
Eta Univ. of Michigan (D) Michigan
Theta Simpson College (D) Iowa
Iota Cornell University New York
Kappa Univ. of Kansas Kansas
Lambda Univ. of Vermont Vermont
Gamma deuteron Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio
Mu Allegheny College Pennsylvania
Nu Hanover College Indiana
Xi Wesleyan University (D) Connecticut
Omicron Univ. of Southern California California
Pi Albion College Michigan
Rho Univ. of Nebraska Nebraska
Sigma Univ. of Toronto (D) Ontario
Tau Northwestern University Illinois
Upsilon Univ. of Minnesota Minnesota
Phi Univ. of the Pacific California
Chi Syracuse University New York
Psi Univ. of Wisconsin Wisconsin
Omega UC Berkeley California
Alpha Beta Swarthmore College Pennsylvania
Alpha Gamma Ohio State University Ohio
Alpha Delta Goucher College (D) Maryland
Alpha Epsilon Brown University Rhode Island
Alpha Zeta Barnard College (D) New York
Alpha Eta Vanderbilt University Tennessee
Alpha Theta Univ. of Texas-Austin Texas
Alpha Iota Washington University-St. Louis (D) Missouri
Alpha Kappa Adelphi University (D) New York
Alpha Lambda Univ. of Washington Washington
Alpha Mu Univ. of Missouri Missouri
Alpha Nu Univ. of Montana Montana
Alpha Xi Univ. of Oregon Oregon
Alpha Omicron Univ. of Oklahoma Oklahoma
Alpha Pi Univ. of North Dakota North Dakota
Alpha Rho Univ. of South Dakota South Dakota
Alpha Sigma Washington State University Washington
Alpha Tau Univ. of Cincinnati Ohio
Alpha Upsilon Washburn University (D) Kansas
Alpha Phi Tulane University Louisiana
Alpha Chi Purdue University Indiana
Alpha Psi Lawrence University Wisconsin
Alpha Omega Univ. of Pittsburgh (D) Pennsylvania
Beta Beta Randolph-Macon Woman's College (D) Virginia
Beta Gamma Colorado State University Colorado
Beta Delta Univ. of Arizona Arizona
Beta Epsilon Oregon State University Oregon
Beta Zeta Oklahoma State University Oklahoma
Beta Eta Univ. of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Beta Theta Univ. of Idaho Idaho
Beta Iota Univ. of Colorado Colorado
Beta Kappa Drake University Iowa
Beta Lambda College of William & Mary Virginia
Beta Mu ~ Nevada
Beta Nu Florida State University Florida
Beta Xi UC Los Angeles California
Beta Omicron Univ. of Iowa Iowa
Beta Pi Michigan State University Michigan
Beta Rho Duke University North Carolina
Beta Sigma Southern Methodist University Texas
Beta Tau Denison University Ohio
Beta Upsilon Univ. of British Columbia British Columbia
Beta Phi Penn State University Pennsylvania
Beta Chi Univ. of Alberta Alberta
Beta Psi McGill University Quebec
Beta Omega Colorado College Colorado
Gamma Gamma Rollins College (D) Florida
Gamma Delta Univ. of Georgia Georgia
Gamma Epsilon Western University Ontario
Gamma Zeta Univ. of Connecticut Connecticut
Gamma Eta Univ. of Massachusetts (D) Massachusetts
Gamma Theta Carnegie Mellon University Pennsylvania
Gamma Iota Univ. of Kentucky Kentucky
Gamma Kappa George Washington University District of Columbia
Gamma Lambda Beloit College (D) Wisconsin
Gamma Mu Univ. of Maryland Maryland
Gamma Nu North Dakota State North Dakota
Gamma Xi San Jose State Univ. (D) California
Gamma Omicron Univ. of New Mexico (D) New Mexico
Gamma Pi Iowa State University Iowa
Gamma Rho UC Santa Barbara California
Gamma Sigma San Diego State University California
Gamma Tau Univ. of Tulsa Oklahoma
Gamma Upsilon Miami University Ohio
Gamma Phi Texas Tech University Texas
Gamma Chi Fresno State University California
Gamma Psi Texas Christian University Texas
Gamma Omega Auburn University Alabama
Delta Delta Whitman College Washington
Delta Epsilon Arizona State University Arizona
Delta Zeta Emory University Georgia
Delta Eta Kansas State University Kansas
Delta Theta Univ. of Florida Florida
Delta Iota Univ. of Puget Sound Washington
Delta Kappa Louisiana State University Louisiana
Delta Lambda Univ. of Utah (D) Utah
Delta Mu Univ. of Rhode Island (D) Rhode Island
Delta Nu Univ. of Arkansas (D) Arkansas
Delta Xi Univ. of North Carolina (D) North Carolina
Delta Omicron Univ. of Alabama Alabama
Delta Pi Univ. of Tennessee (D) Tennessee
Delta Rho Univ. of South Florida (D) Florida
Delta Sigma Ball State University (D) Indiana
Delta Tau Montana State University (D) Montana
Cincinnati Wesleyan Cincinnati Wesleyan (D) Ohio
Delta Upsilon Eastern Kentucky University Kentucky
Delta Phi Clemson University South Carolina
Delta Chi Univ. of Virginia Virginia
Delta Psi UC Riverside (D) California
Delta Omega Texas A&M Texas
Epsilon Epsilon Baylor University Texas
Phi deuteron Stanford University California
Epsilon Zeta Univ. of Mississippi (D) Mississippi
Epsilon Eta Centre College Kentucky
Epsilon Theta Stetson University Florida
Epsilon Iota Westminster College Missouri
Epsilon Kappa Dartmouth College (D) New Hampshire
Epsilon Lambda Dickinson College Pennsylvania
Epsilon Mu Princeton University New Jersey
Epsilon Nu Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State Virginia
Epsilon Xi Villanova University (D) Pennsylvania
Epsilon Omicron Randolph-Macon College Virginia
Epsilon Pi Bucknell University Pennsylvania
Epsilon Rho Lehigh University Pennsylvania
Epsilon Sigma UC Irvine California
Epsilon Tau Yale University Connecticut
Epsilon Upsilon Columbia University New York
Epsilon Phi Univ. of Chicago Illinois
Epsilon Chi Univ. of Guelph (D) Ontario
Epsilon Psi Univ. of Richmond Virginia
Epsilon Omega Washington & Jefferson College Pennsylvania
Zeta Zeta Colgate University (D) New York
Zeta Eta Wofford College South Carolina
Zeta Theta Cal Polytechnic State University California
Zeta Iota Washington & Lee University Virginia
Zeta Kappa Univ. of South Carolina (D) South Carolina
Zeta Lambda College of Charleston South Carolina
Zeta Mu MIT Massachusetts
Zeta Nu UC Davis California
Zeta Xi Harvard University (D) Massachusetts
Zeta Omicron Wake Forest University North Carolina
Zeta Pi Furman University (D) South Carolina
Zeta Rho UC San Diego California
Zeta Sigma Ohio Northern University Ohio
Zeta Tau Univ. of Delaware Delaware
Zeta Upsilon Univ. of Texas-Dallas Texas
Zeta Phi Pepperdine University California
Zeta Chi Johns Hopkins University Maryland
Zeta Psi Univ. of So. Mississippi (D) Mississippi
Zeta Omega Loyola Marymount University California
Eta Eta College of Idaho Idaho
Eta Theta Univ. of Central Florida Florida
Eta Iota Univ. of San Diego California
Eta Kappa John Carroll University Ohio
Eta Lambda ~ California
Eta Mu Occidental College California
Eta Nu Lake Forest College Illinois
Eta Xi Quinnipiac University Connecticut
Eta Omicron Univ. of North Florida Florida
Eta Pi Case Western Reserve Ohio
Eta Rho James Madison University Virginia
Eta Sigma Chapman University California
Eta Tau Univ. of Tampa Florida
Eta Upsilon Univ. of San Francisco California
Eta Phi Belmont University Tennessee
Eta Chi Boston University Massachusetts
Eta Psi Tufts University Massachusetts
Eta Omega Saint Louis University Missouri
Theta Theta North Carolina State North Carolina
Theta Iota ~ District of Columbia
Theta Kappa Univ. of Louisville Kentucky
Theta Lambda Univ. of Rochester New York
Theta Mu Colorado School of Mines Colorado
Theta Nu Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia
Theta Xi UC Santa Cruz California
Theta Omicron UNC Charlotte North Carolina
Theta Pi Sacred Heart University Connecticut

"It isn't history that makes a strong chapter, but a strong chapter that makes history."

Margaret Killen Banta
Alpha Psi/Lawrence
Fraternity president, 1932-1936


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