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  On This Day in 1907
Elizabeth Jane Miller Hack, Author
Elizabeth Jane Miller Hack initiated Gamma/Butler.

Miller's popular novels include The Yoke (1903), and Saul of Tarsus (1906).

  On This Day in 1941
Marion Dougherty, casting director
Marion Dougherty initiated Beta Phi/Penn State.

Dougherty becomes the first female casting director. During her decades-spanning career - first in television and then in film - she casts more than 100 feature-length films, including Midnight Cowboy, The Great Gatsby, Taxi Driver, Batman, and Lethal Weapon. Dougherty gave Robert DeNiro his first job, "found" Glenn Close, and introduced Jack Lemmon, Warren Beatty, Robert Duvall, and Danny Glover to key roles. Her casting career begins in the 1940s and continues into the 2000s.

  On This Day in 1861
Elizabeth Preston Anderson, Temperance Activist
Elizabeth Preston Anderson, Alpha/DePauw, born.

Anderson becomes a temperance advocate and serves as president of many North Dakota temperance organizations.
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