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  On This Day in 1972
Sarah Clarke, Actor
Sarah Clarke, Beta/Indiana, is born.

Clarke becomes an actor, known for her role as agent Nina Myers in the TV series 24 and as Renee in the Twilight Saga movies.

  On This Day in 1988
Gladys Gilkey Calkins, YWCA Leader
Gladys Gilkey Calkins, Iota/Cornell, dies.

Calkins serves as the president of the YWCA, U.S. from 1943-1949 and as the Vice-President for North America for the World Council of YWCAs.

  On This Day in 1908
Hope Skillman Schary, Designer and Business Owner
Hope Skillman Schary, Alpha Delta/Goucher, is born.

A textile designer, Schary establishes her own textile mill and takes pride in hiring only women. She serves two terms as the president of the National Council of Women of the United States.
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