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  On This Day in 1881
1881 Grand Convention
The fifth Grand Convention convenes in Wooster, Ohio. Delegates vote to establish a uniform initiation ritual.

  On This Day in 2004
Peoria Alumnae Chapter Established
The Peoria (Illinois) Alumnae Chapter is established.

  On This Day in 1967
Barbara Bodine, Diplomat
Barbara Bodine is initiated at Gamma Rho/UC - Santa Barbara.

Bodine receives a Kappa Alpha Theta Graduate Fellowship in 1970. She becomes a career foreign diplomat, serves as United States Ambassador to Yemen (1997 - 2001), and as Coordinator of Central Iraq in March, 1993.

  On This Day in 1949
Long Island Alumnae Chapter Established
The Long Island Alumnae Chapter is established.

  On This Day in 1927
Nancy Larrick Crosby, Editor
Nancy Larrick Crosby is initiated at Alpha Delta/Goucher.

Larrick becomes an internationally recognized literacy expert and a co-founder of the 'International Reading Association' (IRA). A half-century later, IRA has over 73,000 members in 122 countries and affiliations with over 300,000 individuals worldwide.

  On This Day in 1916
Alice Gram Robinson, Publisher
Alice Gram Robinson is initiated at Alpha Xi/Oregon.

Robinson takes an active role in the suffrage movement. In 1921, following approval of the 19th amendment, she begins publishing The Congressional Digest providing voters balanced information about controversial issues.

  On This Day in 1898
Agnes Lee Hadley Haskell, Journalist and Community Leader
Agnes Lee Hadley Haskell is initiated at Kappa/Kansas.

Haskell becomes a journalist. Then, as the wife of Herbert Hadley - Missouri governor (1909-1913) and chancellor of Washington University, St. Louis (1923-1927) - she is an effective leader within the communities where the Hadleys are living.
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