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Since March 14, 1870 when Bettie Locke, Alice Allen, Bettie Tipton, and Hannah Fitch first wore their new badges to chapel at Indiana Asbury, the kite-shaped pin has been a symbol of membership in Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity.

Did you know that:

  • John Newman of New York first addressed Bettie Locke as "Sir" when responding to her questions about designing a badge for her new organization? Check out the history of our badge.

  • Upon the passing of a member, the badge must either be buried with the member, passed along to a Theta family member, or returned to Fraternity headquarters? Check out the guidelines regarding the proper disposition of a badge.

  • You should let your family know what to do with your badge in the future? Print this form (PDF) and put it with your Theta badge (and with your other Theta items!).