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February 06, 1948
Gamma Xi Nikê Response
Sappho Society, the oldest local group at the San Jose State College, became Gamma Xi Chapter, the fourth Theta chapter to be installed in 1947. Inspired by the determination of Bernice Thompkins — Phi Chapter alumna and Professor of History at the college — alumnae in San Jose, Palo Alto, and surrounding areas worked hard to bring Kappa Alpha Theta to the campus as soon as it achieved four-year status. Theta was one of the first four NPC groups to be installed simultaneously. Gamma Xi Chapter left the campus in 1975.
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Fraternity Officers

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  • Gassett, Sharon
    • District Officer
      1969 - 1972
    • Grand Council Member at Large
      1972 - 1978
  • Gavigan, Elizabeth
    • Alumnae District President
      1989 - 1995
  • Merrill, Elore
    • Alumnae District President
      1971 - 1973
    • College District President
      1976 - 1979
    • Grand Council Member at Large
      1980 - 1982
    • Foundation Trustee
      2000 - 2002
  • Strand, Carolyn
    • State Chairman
      1986 - 2002