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The Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity archives collection enriches the study of women's history by exploring the culture and values of traditional women and the organization's influence on the field of education for all women and in the lives of its members.

The materials document the experiences of college women on American and Canadian campuses from the earliest (and often controversial) days of coeducation in the 1870s to the present day. It documents their academic experiences, supportive social connections, and philanthropic activities, as well as the changing roles, opportunities for achievement, and expectations of female students and college-educated women in successive generations over the years.

It provides insight on the role of college-educated women as they used and continue to apply their education and female network from their college experiences in their adult lives beyond the campus environment in academia, professions, business, the performing arts, government and politics, philanthropic activities, and their private domestic and family lives.

The Theta archives collection is a source of information for scholarly research relating to women's history (and particularly the history of women's higher education), local community and college/university historians and archivists, genealogists, and other similarly interested individuals and institutions. The archives welcomes donations to the collection. Contact the archives for access information.
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